A brief time ago, a customer asked for a report on trends in health. Initially, this sounded like a simple and small mission. What is complicated about identifying health trends? How difficult is it? I’d search my view catalog, check around a little, identify improvements in spas (the International Spa Summit collection produced a superb health trends report for that sector ), business and everywhere, and bingo – I would have a listing of present and emerging health lifestyle trends.

The job proved somewhat less easy than that. After I began systematically preparing to build a list of tendencies, I understood there were two big challenges to address: 1) what constitutes a fad? 2) What trends should be considered health in character? Both challenges proved significant.

Wellness, as you know, reflects diverse ideas to various individuals and interest groups. How can I collect data on health trends if there were little consensus regarding the essence of wellness?

There was just 1 approach to manage this challenge, which involved using a Gordian Knot-like alternative. I needed to cut through the confusion, and that’s to say makeup stuff. Yes, health trends are anything I decreed health trends was. Of course, I could be objective about the topic, less or more. To supplement deliberations (with myself), I’d tackle a modified randomized double-blind crossover trial of a flat, vertical and dignified nature. I’d be scientific. By accepting complete obligation as judge and jury of what represents health and tendencies connected with it, the job of identifying bona fide tendencies of a REAL health nature would not be an issue.

The very first thing to do is collect material. What did other people think? I would learn by requesting wellness experts globally. I prepared a health fashion survey.

After pre-tested and revised with a prestigious scientific panel (my spouse and many carrot juice ergogenic drinking friends )I sent the questionnaire to Ardell Wellness Report readers along with the listing service of a health promotion service (the HEDIR list). Additionally, I put the questionnaire on a significant global site where it could be viewed and finished with legions of business leaders. All participants in those 3 businesses saw the Exact Same five questions, to wit:

* What do you believe are the most important wellness trends?

* What are the thoughts on how technology can influence health (i.e., applications, goods, thoughts ) later on?

* Is health more or less caustic to elderly people than the remainder? If so, explain.

* Are you aware of any app (s) which you would consider a”version” project worthy of emulation? (Please note that the program and see exactly why you believe so.)

* What types of regions of research do you want to see undertaken of a healthy nature?

I had been tempted to specify wellness in a way consistent with my own philosophy of health. At the latter, I prefer the modifier”REAL” health (i.e., health-centred on motive, exuberance, athleticism and freedom under the pursuit for the top quality of life). But, I understood this away would imply that there were would not be any health trends identified – there may not be reports of health sightings.

I started with a memo delivered to my nearest friends and health fellow travellers, inquiring about health trends in a letter that referred to those consultants as the”best and the brightest minds in the area.” Grant Donovan, my long-time partner (and co-author of a couple of novels, the host of a lot of my own junkets Downunder, the co-producer of conferences and even more) responded instantly. I found myself in agreement with his thoughts concerning health and health trends:

“Don, not being the very best or brightest health mind, I can only offer you some insights from what you tell me and what I hear sitting in airport lounges and worksites across the world. Here’s what I have heard. Money, politics, sex, hate, game, anxiety, sickness, personal battle and the overall absence of time most men and women encounter come up frequently in dialogue but you never hear anybody talking about health. I guess real wellness isn’t trending everywhere significant (on a world scale). Disease treatment and prevention masking as health is booming, especially if you’ve got your cash in the ideal biotech stocks”

However, because the information began coming, I managed to determine many potential tendencies.

The primary trend is the fact that attempts are prevalent to assign clearer and consistent meanings for the word. This entails rendering wellness different from medical therapy, health risk reduction, spa therapies and fundamental fitness and nutritional supplements. Rod Lees of Brisbane, Australia, put it this way: “The most important trend in the health movement is the concept of genuine wellness.”

Of course, a tendency isn’t the same as a fact. Rod continued: “But in Australia, we’re still fighting with getting the conventional concept off the floor. The challenge is to find the business world to take good care of the wider concept and realize the value in investing money and time in this region. We’ve got quite a ways to go.”

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