Avast Pro Antivirus 5.0 Review

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Avast Pro is an impressive antivirus with a long history as a superb choice given the good protection and performance it offers. Avast Pro builds on the foundation laid by the very popular Avast Free and provides features such as quicker updates and secure browsing of suspicious websites or applications. Detection processes can be initiated from your command line or while your computer is in sleep or hibernation status.

Detection and core: The scanning engine is among the best on the current market and targets viruses, spyware, and other malware generally. Instantaneous rootkit safeguard technology prevents annoying bugs seamlessly as a result of the extensive database collected directly from consumer occurrences. The Avast sandbox makes a virtual environment to fence out exploits and protects vulnerable programs by permitting them to operate safely.

The heuristics engine was redesigned in the most recent version for increased file protection and malware detection functionality. Shields: A range of real-time shields are included. The email shield assesses email using a POP3/IMAP4/SMTP proxy that also supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL). The P2P shield assesses files downloaded with apps that use this document sharing modality. Likewise, the IM shield checks files obtained through the instant messaging program.

The network protects monitors your system for viruses using questionable URL and trespassing alarm technology. The script shield scrutinizes sites and prevents scripts from seizing or infecting your computer. Avast Pro provides also a silent/gaming mode that inhibits pop-ups during full-screen software for your own convenience while maintaining its level of security. Concerning user reviews, Avast Pro is a winning heavy-weight, using a good deal of users claiming loyalty to the item that dates back years.

They praise its ease of use and installation, superior range of features, sleek interface, and general effectiveness. Despite the fact that Avast full assortment of characteristics is realized only in the Avast Internet Security bundle, Avast Pro stands on its own as a very serious contender in the antivirus market in both cost and performance.

Do you feel the objective is merely to get you to install them so that they can catch your personal information? Have you asked yourself why would they be giving it away for free if it’s such a terrific product? I am a network engineer with more than ten years of experience and I’d love to have a few minutes to present the truth about free antivirus downloads. First, free antivirus apps are just as capable of finding viruses since the pay-for versions.

I understand what you’re thinking: then why give it away? The solution is, for you hooked on how great it works so you purchase the pay-for version afterward. The fantastic free versions are often timed trials that permit you to run the applications for a year and then opt to purchase it after that. They may also be packed as JUST an antivirus program and if you want extras such as email protection or download scanning then you need to buy the complete version.

You may guess that if they gave you an antivirus program that didn’t work really well, they would never get any earnings from the trial versions. Let us be clear on something, yes some bad people on the internet do discharge malicious applications under the disguise of free antivirus programs in an attempt to corrupt your The exact same may also be said of any other computer program, poor men do the exact same thing to recipe programs, weight loss monitoring programs and every other So what’s a man to do, how do I find the actual stuff?

1 answer would be to stick with well-known products from the manufacturer or any other TRUSTED sites that link to the producers, like mine below. OK, your next question is, what would be the well known free antivirus downloads? Fortunately, they all start with the letter A and they are Avast, Avira and AVG. So, what’s so great about these 3 programs? An independent non-profit firm that analyzed a number of the best brands rated all three of those programs over Symantec (Norton) and McAfee, (the report can be found at This organization tested the pay-for versions by placing each one on an identical computer and then infecting the computers with a virus to find out if it had been found. The computers were hit with over 20,000 distinct kinds of malware and the greatest ranking product was just able to find 69 percent of those.

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